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Everything you need to know about warewashing

What is warewashing? In the most basic sense, warewashing is the process of cleaning the wares used in the preparation or service of food. This can take on a few different forms, but generally, all use the same processes and achieves the same goals. Is it warewashing or ware washing? As a part of the foodservice […]

Iron Kitchen: Next Level Clean

By now you should be familiar the major components of your cleaning program. From warewashing to floor care, all-purpose cleaners and glass care, You’ve we’ve covered all the major areas of your facility. But do you find yourself still looking at a kitchen that isn’t quite as clean as you are hoping for? Advantage carries […]

Iron Kitchen: Water Treatment

Most people know the quality of their water in terms of taste. Either you like the taste of the tap water available, or as in most cases, you hate it. Dissolved minerals and other contaminants change the color, taste, and even smell of your water. This presents unique challenges for food service and hospitality operations. […]

SWIFT – 5 Steps to Prevent Norovirus

Everyone’s worst fear. You’ve just finished eating at one of your favorite restaurants. It’s been a few hours, and you’re feeling  nauseated. You start to sweat and get chills all at once. You’re in for a rough few days. Many people have experienced something like this in the past. While the symptoms are often different […]

5 Elements of Proper Hand Washing

Ever since we were young we’ve been told one thing over and over again since we started using the restroom on our own. WASH. YOUR. HANDS. This simple piece of advice seems easy. Why wouldn’t you wash your hands after going to the restroom? It’s the number one way to prevent all kinds of illness […]

Iron Kitchen: Dishmachines

Selecting the right Dishmachine… The debate over high temp vs. low temp goes on forever. Usually, we find that most restaurants have a set dishmachine preference that they rarely deviate from. No matter which side you are on, we can all agree that either side has clear advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the differences […]

What do you know about Foodborne illness?

We all know someone, or have been the victim ourselves, of foodborne illness. Improper sanitation, cross contamination, improper reheating or storage, are all factors in what can start an outbreak. But how much do you know about outbreaks in your state? the Centers for Disease Control monitors and records all foodborne illness outbreaks. The CDC […]

Spring Foodservice Cleaning Guide

Spring is almost over…. As we blaze ever closer to summer, it’s never too late to get your spring cleaning done. There are certain items in a foodservice environment that should be inspected and replaced or cleaned on a consistent rotating schedule. In the foodservice cleaning guide below are just a few items and some […]

Training Videos

Advantage Chemical has produced a few short training videos to assist locations in training new staff members, sharing some helpful tips, and familiarizing viewers with the Advantage Chemical Dilution Systems. Take a look at this floor care training video See more training videos from Advantage Chemical, LLC on Vimeo.