Preventative Maintenance

Monitoring the operations of your facility is key to effective cost management and to maintaining cleanliness standards. We’d like to help you with that. Every preventative maintenance visit and every service call ends with a report of the work performed, the parts replaced and the current chemical levels. This multi-point inspection covers every aspect of your existing Advantage Chemical Program and ensures that you are getting spotless results.  With fields for pre and post service, you get a snapshot of how your program is performing. You can also see what changes are being made at each visit.

Preventative Maintenance

Advantage Chemical is dedicated to the concept of preventative maintenance. We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our Service Advisors are trained and certified on all pieces of equipment.  Your Advisor will stop by on a regular schedule and provide a thorough inspection to ensure all dispensers are operating correctly, the staff is trained and all data is recorded accurately.

Paperless Service

service w tablet

Each Advantage Service Advisor is equipped with an iPad for recording all service data and taking pictures of any problem areas. The report is then reviewed with the manager on site, and both parties sign off on the report. This report is then sent back to our office where it is reviewed, stored, and sent off to the designated parties.

24/7/365 Emergency Service

At Advantage, we know that when your equipment isn’t working properly, your business isn’t working properly. Emergencies don’t have regular business hours, so neither do we. Our 24/7/365 Promise is your insurance policy. No matter what, no matter when, your Advantage Service Advisor will be there when you need them.


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