Clean and sanitary wares are the foundation of good food service. It is also vital to the creation of great guest experiences. You don’t want your customers to have spotty glasses or dried food on their silverware. You need products and services that match your level of dedication to your customers. That’s where we come in.

Our combination of high-quality products and dispensing systems, as well as personal training, preventative maintenance and 24/7/365 service, makes us uniquely equipped to handle all of your warewashing needs. Big or small, water access or not, Advantage will find a solution for you. We carry a full line of automatic dishwashing chemicals, as well as solutions for three compartment sinks. We even carry a full array of Energy Star certified Dishmachines, which helps you save water and energy.

What can I expect from an Advantage Warewashing program?

All new Advantage accounts start off with a complete site survey. We come into each location to see what you currently have in place, and what we can do to help. Where available, our Chemical Specialists will do water quality audits for water hardness, TDS, and water heating performance. We then send our multi-point inspection back to the office where your account executive will examine the chemicals and processes you have currently, and prepare a customized program for your location. This multi-point inspection also captures data that helps us in the install process that follows. This ensures that we have the right parts and dispensers to get the job done right.

After installation, your Service Advisor will train all employees on the new dispensing equipment and provide some best practice tips. Bilingual wall charts will also be provided for each dispenser. These serve as a daily reminder of best practice and help any newer employees learn the ropes. Additional training can be scheduled with your Account Manager at any time, or by calling our toll-free number.

For complete information about our products and services available download our food service catalog.