Water Treatment

Water quality plays a critical role in food quality, drain clogging, and equipment and appliance breakdowns. The sediment, minerals and other dissolved solids in hard city water create scale buildup on appliances and can reduce the efficiency of ice machines. You may be surprised to find out that water quality also plays a crucial role in your chemical and cleaning program. High levels of hardness or dissolved solids, can all but deactivate detergents and sanitizers. It can also affect the taste of food and drink.

We don’t simply install a water filter, we start with a water quality audit to prescribe appropriate water filtration and softening solutions. So whether you need under-counter models, multi-head filter units or reverse osmosis devices, we will customize a system for your unique needs.

Water FiltrationPentair Premium Filter

With a wide network of vendor partners, Advantage can source the right filter, at the right price, to meet your needs. Name brands such as 3M and Pentair provide a level of quality unmatched in the foodservice industry. Pair these high-quality products from names you trust, with outstanding service from your Advantage Service Advisor, and you’ve got a winning solution. Service provided with your water filtration program includes regular filter changes and inspection, with your regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.

Water Softening

Filtering alone is often not enough to solve all of your water worries. Many cities have high levels of TDS or Total Dissolved Solids. These dissolved solids affect the taste and chemical properties of everything they interact with. From boiling pasta and brewing coffee and tea, to washing your plates and cups, poor water quality can make or break a restaurant. High-quality water softening products, sourced directly from a valued supplier in Souther California, offer your best protection against this common water woe. We carry models designed for everything from single ice and beverage machines to whole facility softening, and everything in-between.

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