Grocery & Supermarkets

Grocery facilities present a unique set of challenges to operators. Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment can be difficult, especially with so much heavy, and often immovable, equipment. Grocery facilities are often without the help of compressed air or high-pressure pumps. Our two-chemical foaming dispenser system combines with city water and optional spray gun or foam wand attachments to create the correct amount of pressure. Add on a clear water rinse and this is an ideal solution for supermarket meat rooms, deli areas and seafood departments, as well as most food processing plants. This dispenser can also be added to a convenient cart or dolly assembly allowing complete mobility and powerful sanitation across the entire facility.
Advantage also has a comprehensive line of solutions for all other areas of concern. Alkali detergents, foaming and non-foaming degreasers, stainless steel cleaners, chlorinated and non-chlorinated sanitizers, as well as a variety of floor care and restroom care products. Advantage helps ensure that your location always looks its best.

Full-Service Programs provided by Advantage always include:

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • 24/7 Service & support
  • Free, in-person training
  • Detailed wallcharts & service reporting
  • Free installation of all dispensing equipment

For more information on all products and programs available, download our Grocery Store Solutions Catalog here.