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SWIFT – 5 Steps to Prevent Norovirus

Everyone’s worst fear. You’ve just finished eating at one of your favorite restaurants. It’s been a few hours, and you’re feeling  nauseated. You start to sweat and get chills all at once. You’re in for a rough few days. Many people have experienced something like this in the past. While the symptoms are often different […]

Iron Kitchen: Dishmachines

Selecting the right Dishmachine… The debate over high temp vs. low temp goes on forever. Usually, we find that most restaurants have a set dishmachine preference that they rarely deviate from. No matter which side you are on, we can all agree that either side has clear advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the differences […]

Iron Kitchen: Floor Cleaners

How many different types of flooring do you have in your facility? One? Two? Five? Often times facilities have several different types of flooring in different rooms, and each requires a different type of cleaner. Choosing the correct floor cleaner can often be a daunting task, and often floor cleaners aren’t very descriptive on what […]

Iron Kitchen: Bleach vs. Quat

Many kitchens in America, and around the world, all contain the same chemical; bleach. The mainstay for disinfecting and sanitizing for many decades, bleach has been in homes and commercial kitchens for as long as anyone can remember. Its many functions have ensured a lasting role in many households, but does it still belong in […]

Are you in the loop?

When walking into a competitor’s accounts to do a survey, without a doubt we always find that products are being misused or overused: a gallon of floor cleaner in the restrooms right next to the mop bucket when cleaning, gallon of presoak being poured into the presoak tub, or gallons of pot and pans rolling around the […]

Advantage Chemical Grocery Video

Take a look into what products and solutions Advantage Chemical has to offer the Grocery Industry. A Supermarket Cleaning and Sanitation program, Three Comp Sink program, Meat Department program and much more. Explore our website for more information on program materials and how we can support the success of your business.