Bright LT

Concentrated Liquid Bleaching Solution

Bright LT is a concentrated chlorinated bleach that provides fast bleaching action, removes difficult stains on white linen. Bright LT restores natural whiteness to fabrics and eliminates dull and dingy build-up. Our Bright LT is a stabilized hypochlorite based stain remover but is not to be used as a laundry sanitizer.


  • High strength chlorine base
  • Eliminates tough stains on fabric
  • Removes organic stains quickly


Product Category: Laundry
Style: Destainer
Type: Liquid

SKU – Case Pack – Sell Sheet

7715 – 5 Gal. Pail Sell Sheet
77115 – 15 Gal. Drum Sell Sheet
77155 – 55 Gal. Drum Sell Sheet