Spring Foodservice Cleaning Guide

Spring is almost over….

Foodservice cleaning guide. Image of cafe worker cleaning counters.As we blaze ever closer to summer, it’s never too late to get your spring cleaning done. There are certain items in a foodservice environment that should be inspected and replaced or cleaned on a consistent rotating schedule. In the foodservice cleaning guide below are just a few items and some recommendations to make sure that your operation stays clean in the hot months ahead.

Quick Inspection & Foodservice Cleaning Guide

  • Door/Refrigeration Gaskets

    • These help ensure that no pests can get into your operation and make a mess of things. As things heat up, pests are more active in seeking shelter and food. Replacing refrigeration gaskets can help prevent costly cooling loss as well, saving you money. Read more about common walk-in cooler problems here.
  • Wire and Refrigeration Shelves

    • Cleaning out the shelves in your walk-ins is always a good idea. Take everything off each shelf individually and check for signs of corrosion or damage. replace any aging shelves, and clean the rest. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to check stock dates on those items that may be lurking in the back corners. Our Freezer Cleaner makes a great all-purpose freezer and walk-in maintenance product, guaranteed not to freeze down to -30 degrees!
  • Walk-in Vinyl Drapes/Air Curtains 

    • Drapes and air curtains also help prevent costly air loss when entering and exiting walk-ins. But since these often come in contact with skin, and hair, and shoes of people walking through them, it’s a good idea to clean regularly. All you need is some warm soapy water from your three compartment sink to give these a quick wipe down. Keeping your air curtains clean and dust free also reduces allergens for your guests!
  • Food Bins and Storage Tubs

    • This often goes hand-in-hand with the shelf cleaning above. If you store goods in tubs, make sure you are cleaning out these tubs on a regular basis. This is often something that a health inspector will look at.
  • Grease Baffles

    • Whether we are talking about hood grease baffles or grease trap baffles, it is important to both of these clean. Grease buildup in our vent hoods can pose a fire danger and malodor. Grease trap baffles are markedly harder to clean, but our Biozyme product has been proven to help reduce grease buildup in grease traps through its enzyme cleaning action. Read the tech sheet on Grease Trap Maintenance with Biozyme here. Proper grease trap maintenance is vital to avoid costly downtime. Grease trap faults can lead to full closures and expensive excavation of parts of your kitchen to replace!
  • Burners, Burner Grates, Grills, and Fryers.

    • We all know that the foodservice process can be messy, especially on the range and grill tops. Food flies everywhere, and grease and oil sizzle and pop all over. Cleaning your burners, grates and grills significantly reduced your fire hazard, and increases the efficiency of your range and grill tops! Maintaining a clean fryer also maintains flavor consistency and sanitation. Liquid Brick, our newest grill cleaner,  is a heavy duty formula that can also be used as a fryer boil out! This all in one solution can tackle the toughest baked-on grease and carbon build-up. Read the sell sheet here for more information.
  • Ice/H2O Filters

    • Often times if you have ice or filter services they will check these for you, but if you don’t, or if you have a whole unit filter, it’s always a good idea to check to make sure it is working properly, and that the filter itself is clean. Ice and water containments lead to off-flavors, which directly impact the customer experience.
  • Floor Mats

    • We all know how dirty floor mats can get. Even with nightly cleaning and mopping under the mats, the mats themselves are often overlooked. It’s a good idea to take them outside and spray them off regularly. Mix it up every six months or so and spray them with your standard disinfectant to prevent odor and germ build up. If your mats are particularly grease, give them a scrub with a deck brush and your standard floor cleaner to cut the crease before taking them outside to spray them off. Allow them to dry completely before bringing them back inside.

Other Areas to Consider


Carpeting and flooring are often the first things customers notice when they walk in.  Clean floors are important to the guest experience and should, therefore, be addressed regularly. Professional carpet extraction or full flooring strip and re-coat can help keep your floors looking great, and your restaurant feeling brand new all year round.

Tables and chairs

Check table and chairs for signs of wear and tear and immediately replace any aging furniture. The last thing you want is a broken table or chair injuring a guest. Inspect the table tops for signs of scratching and graffiti and scrape gum from the underside if present. Its a terrible job, but no one wants to see (or feel!) gum under a table at their favorite restaurant.

Air Vents

Often overlooked, Air vents can be unsightly dustballs if not taken care of. Invest a few days a month in getting someone on a ladder, or equip them with a long pole, and clean off all air vents to prevent cobwebs and dust buildup. Doing so will reduce allergens, a benefit for everyone involved!


Need More? We’re Always on Call

Your Advantage Chemical representatives are always standing by to help with all of your cleaning needs. need a suggestion for cleaning a particular area, or just want a refresher on best practices? Give us a call at our 24/7 service line to schedule a free training or consultation with your Service Advisor.