Iron Kitchen: Next Level Clean

By now you should be familiar the major components of your cleaning program. From warewashing to floor care, all-purpose cleaners and glass care, You’ve we’ve covered all the major areas of your facility. But do you find yourself still looking at a kitchen that isn’t quite as clean as you are hoping for? Advantage carries a wide variety of general cleaning compounds that can help fill in the gaps in your current cleaning program, helping you reach that next level clean.

Make it shine.

Arguably one of the easiest ways to increase the cleanliness appearance of any kitchen is to clean and polish all of the stainless steel surfaces in your facility. In most kitchens, this means a lot of surfaces. Everything from refrigerators and freezers to prep tables and deep fryers; any stainless steel surface can benefit from a good clean and polish. With a water-based formula and an oil-based formula, Advantage has a solution for any surface and any application. These products also make great cleaners for any other metal fixtures throughout your facility, including bronze, aluminum, and copper.

Make it bright.

Do your cutting boards get dark and stained? Have your coffee and tea cups suffered heavy staining from repeated use? Do you find yourself spending hours scrubbing residue out of carafes and dishes? Boost your appearance, and spend less time cleaning, with our cleaning and destaining compounds. With everything from powdered soaks to liquid formulas, keeping surfaces stain free has never been easier.

Make it fresh.

Odor is often one of the first senses people use when determining cleanliness. Even if it looks clean, if it doesn’t smell clean, our brains tell us it’s not clean. Odor control is an important but often overlooked part of many cleaning programs.  Maintaining clean drains if often the first and easiest step. With the help of an enzymatic cleaning agent and regular applications, many locations can tackle common kitchen odors. Enzyme cleaners can also help treat and prevent many common grease trap issues, saving time and money by avoiding expensive grease trap excavation and repair. Read our study on how Biozyme can help reduce maintenance needs for grease traps. Enzymatic cleaners also make a great addition to any restroom cleaning program, helping resolve even the toughest bathroom odors. And we all know that a clean restroom will keep customers coming back. For any other odors, there’s always a wide array of air freshening products.

Make it last.

It’s no secret that proper equipment maintenance is not only a matter of clean food but of operational efficiency. Proper maintenance ensures that you avoid future breakdowns and protects what is usually a pretty expensive investment. Dishmachines, fryers, grills, ovens, microwaves, and even freezers and hood vents all present unique challenges to foodservice operators and must be cared for in a specific manner.  Our full line of equipment maintenance products is sure to get the job done right. Make your fruits and vegetables last too with our fruit and vegetable wash. Not only does it maintain freshness, it is proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria on cut, chopped or processed fruit or vegetables, and washes clean with no aftertaste or smell.

New year, new you

As we enter a new year, make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your facility clean. We’ve seen over and over again the damage that even one incident of poor cleanliness/sanitation can do to a business. But that’s where we can help. Speak with your Advantage Service Advisor to review your cleaning program, brush up on training, and start off the year right.