Are you in the loop?


When walking into a competitor’s accounts to do a survey, without a doubt we always find that products are being misused or overused: a gallon of floor cleaner in the restrooms right next to the mop bucket when cleaning, gallon of presoak being poured into the presoak tub, or gallons of pot and pans rolling around the kitchen floor! We can see why some might think that, “If I pour more, it will clean much better and faster!” However, this is not the case.

Institutional cleaning and sanitizing supplies are a lot stronger then what you buy off a shelf at a big box store. Imagine the risk the customer is facing when misusing these concentrated products. So along with training on product usage, we offer a closed loop system. This means our products have inserted caps that do not allow any free pouring of products. Only when you attach the product to our equipment does it dispense. This allows for proper usage and correct dosage every single time and the risk of exposure to dangerous chemical products is greatly reduced.

Once we show the customers the efficiency, cost saving and increase in employee safety when switching over to a closed loop system, there is no doubt they’re in the loop.

If you would like to know more, please contact your local Advantage Chemical representative!